Member FAQ

How do I contact the membership department?

You can contact NASN's membership department at or toll-free at 1-866-627-6767.

Contact the NASN membership department when:

You can't find answers to your questions on this page.

You want to change your membership classification (ie. from Active to Retired). An NASN staff member must make this change.  

You want to change your membership affiliation (ie. you are moving and want to be affiliated with another school nurse organization).  An NASN staff member must make this change.

You want to change the frequency with which you pay your dues (ie. from annual to quarterly). An NASN staff member must make this change.

How do I renew my membership dues?

Check the status of your renewal or print a membership application.

What are the benefits of membership?

See Why Join DSNA.

Can I pay my dues in installments?

DSNA/NASN members can pay their dues in one annual payment or in quarterly installments. This is called the Billing Frequency. If a member selects quarterly billing frequency, the annual dues plus an annual fee of 5% is spread out over the membership year. NASN will automatically charge the member's credit card every three months for a portion equal to one-fourth of the total amount. The automatic payments will continue into the next membership year unless the member notifies NASN to terminate the dues.

How can I get a copy of my Membership Card?

Download a digital version of your membership card in your profile. [Login required]

How can I get my DSNA/NASN ID or member number?

Download a digital version of your membership card in your profile. [Login required]

How do I access The Journal of School Nursing and/or NASN School Nurse online?

A print and online subscription to these journals is included with your DSNA/NASN membership.  Visit to learn how to get full text access online. [Login required]

How much are DSNA/NASN membership dues?

Download a print application for this information.

How do I update my address, email, telephone or other information in the membership database?

Go to your profile. [Login required]

How do I join DSNA?

Go to the Join DSNA page on this site

Will I receive a notice to Renew?

Renewal notices to current members are emailed and mailed prior to the member's anniversary date of payment.  If you are on a quarterly installment plan, your dues are automatically renewed unless you contact us to cancel.  Check the status of your renewal.

What is Anniversary of Payment Date?

DSNA/NASN membership is based on an Anniversary of Payment Date. Regardless of the time of year you join DSNA/NASN, you will receive a full 12 (twelve) months worth of membership benefits.

What is the correct way to list my nursing credentials?

NASN recommends highest earned degree, mandated requirements (i.e. licensure), state designations or requirements, national certifications, awards and honors, other certifications.  If highest earned degree is not in nursing, then highest nursing degree may be included after highest earned degree. Example: MEd, BSN, RN, APN, NCSN, FNASN.  Check your profile to see how your credentials are listed in our database. [Login required]

Libraries and Subscriptions

DSNA/NASN does not accept Libraries or Institutions as members. Schools of Nursing are invited to purchase a subscription to The Journal of School Nursing through SAGE Publications. To order or obtain information, readers and librarians may contact the SAGE Journals Customer Service Department at or 1-800-818-7243.