About DSNA

In 1968, Delaware’s School Nurse Advisory Committee held its first meeting and the Delaware School Nurse Association began. DSNA now serves as the professional organization for all 320 Delaware school nurses‚ 210 active members and growing. Join us through the National Association of School Nurses.

DSNA Strategic Plan 2010-2015

DSNA mission is to promote the profession of school nursing and to advance the delivery of professional school health services to promote optimal learning in students.

Goal 1:

DSNA will promote and advance the quality of the practice of professional school nursing

  • Empower school nurses to individually align integration of national school nurse standards through individual practice
  • Encourage mentoring through communication of nurse colleagues sharing best practice experiences from novice to expert
  • Advocate the creation of a system that assures the evaluation of school nursing clinical practice by a qualified school nurse
  • Encourage utilization of best practices supported by evidence based research
  • Support and strengthen relationships with DSNA and the Department of Education’s Lead Nurses by defining the roles and responsibilities of the Lead Nurse
  • Strengthen DSNA’s relationship with the Delaware State Education Association and representation through Lead Nurses

Goal 2:

DSNA will provide leadership in health issues

  • Advocate and identify resources for children‚ safety and physical and emotional health
  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices and practices
  • Act as a resource for health education within the school community utilizing current technology
  • Collaborate within the educational community to promote student success

Goal 3:

DSNA will be an influential voice in decisions affecting school nursing practice and student health

  • Increase participation in the legislative, regulatory and political arenas
  • Collaborate with organizations to promote children‚ health and safety
  • Enhance DSNA existing partnerships and expand outreach in community health agencies and organizations

Goal 4:

DSNA will continue to be organized for maximum efficiency and effectiveness

  • Review and update by laws as needed
  • Increase the recruitment and retention of DSNA members
  • Remain fiscally sound
  • Operate with environmental consciousness